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About us

We have the pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading General Contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and particular in Southern Province and is a 100% Saudi Arabia owned establishment operating in the Kingdom since 2010 specializing in Civil Construction, General Maintenance, Support Services, Manpower supply, Hire of Equipment’s, Transportation and having vast experience in the respective field. We have executed several projects for Aramco Saudi Electric Company, GE, ALSTOM, ABB, Companies as a Sub-Contractor and many other respective private sector clients in Saudi Arabia.
Staffed by experienced engineers, skilled craftsman and laborers, ALI ABDU AHMED SABAI. Est. prides itself not only on their depth of expertise of the trade, but as well as for the competence and efficiency of the services rendered. Our customized services with an prompt response and efficient compliance for the customer’s requirement. We have successfully established a reliable reputation throughout the years as evidenced by repeat assignments form our contented clients.
Reliability of manpower supply towards meeting our customer’s production deadlines is also a confidence we carry at Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai.Est. In an effort to share our expertise in the industrialization boom, we offer our best services at most competitive prices in the Kingdom.
Our most recent contribution to the increasing demand professionals is the creation of our professional and Technical Services. In line with the requirements and strong vision and long-term, plans to pursue and engage in the various development projects in Saudi Arabia, Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Cont Est. strengthened its structures and capabilities to meet the increasing demand of high technology services. Our professional & Technical services are manned by professional with expertise in computer and communications, Electro/Mechanical Engineering, instrumentation and Controls.
Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Cont. Est. . offers its clients a wide range of diversified high-quality services, our present specialties include the following:-
Civil Construction – Commercial and Industrial Buildings
• Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
• Site Office Facilities PortaCabin and Site Fence
• Earth Work & Backfilling Compaction
• Landscaping
• Excavation, Dewatering & shoring
• Asphalting, Laying of Sub-Grade & sub-base
• Construction of culverts
• Steel Structure Works.
• Concrete Rehabilitation.
• Construction & Renovation
• Abrasive plastering & Coating
• Acid Resistant and Chemical Lining.
• Crack Injection.
• Sealant Application.
Electrical/Mechanical works
• Power Transformer.
• Station service transformer.
• Gantry installation works
• Capacitor bank Installation.
• EHV/HV GIS installation.
• MV Switchgear installation.
• Cable tray Installation.
• HV/MV/LV cabling and termination works.
• Earthing and Grounding of electrical equipment.
• AC/DC system.
• Battery charger and Battery Bank.
• Protection and Control panel installation.
• Testing Commissioning Protection & Control systems
• Testing Commissioning of Power Transformer.
• Testing Commissioning of EHV/HV/MV Switchgears.
• Testing Commissioning of Battery Chargers / Banks.
Retrofitting Works
• General Maintenance.
• Replacement of existing Prot and Cont panel.
• Dismantling of Power Transformers.
• Switchgear Modification works.
• Replacement of AC/DC Systems.
• House & Building wiring and design.
• Replacements of RMU.
Support Services
• Manpower Supply. (Skilled / Labor)
• Heavy Equipment Rental.
• Provision of skips for garbage disposal.
• Sewage water collection and disposal.
• Supply of Non-portable water.
• Supply of Sweet water.
• Supply of portable of lavatories.
• Stationary and Office Supplies.
• Consumable kitchen utensils and accessories.
• Transportation Services.
• Material Handling and Stacking.