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Civil Construction

Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Contracting Est. – Construction Company has established in Sabya- jizan,- Saudi Arabia and now the area office located in Sabya and the companies have grown into a multi-disciplined construction and all types of Construction Maintenance works which has over the past 6 years working in Sothern Province with appreciable performance on turnkey projects become one of the medium General Contractor in the Southern Province..
Ali Abdu Ahmed SabaiContracting Est is a well named organization offering a variety of services and wide range of activities related to the construction industry, including building and civil construction, structural steel work, pipelines, storage tanks, pipe work, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, erection and installation, operations and maintenance, structural steel and pipe fabrication and a full range of industrial support services.

Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Contracting Est have registered in civil& Electro Mechanical construction services as a sub-contract basis to SEC , GE, Alstom Contractors.
Although Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai is committed to the expansion of its services, we have always recognized the need for quality in every aspect of our operations, a fact which is borne out by our impressive safety record and by the satisfaction of our customers who will testify to our ability to complete the most demanding assignments, to comply with the highest international standards, whilst meeting all-important time and budgetary requirements.
Drawing on our considerable experience gained over the years M/s. Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabaihave established in enviable reputation in all aspects of the construction industry, including Residential, housing scheme, commercial and Industrial buildings.
Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Contracting Est. has established reputation for execution expertise, combined with our high level of service and considerable experience, gives us an unrivalled advantage it the field of all types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction work.
Our team of professionals, well qualified in their respected area of expertise who are capable of providing the right solutions to the customers’ need by understanding their financial positions, and providing the cost effective of the project which is giving solutions to the customers to their satisfaction.
Ali Abdu Ahmed SabaiCont.Est has been serving the construction industry with great emphasis on quality services and precise preplanned timetables, which has won the trust of its prestigious customers.
Ali Abdu Ahmed SabaiCont Est shall continue with its total commitment to quality services and effective participation in the development and progress of this great generous homeland.
Overview of Construction
Ali Abdu Ahmed SabaiCont. Est has its own way and the drawing on our considerable experience gained throughout the year Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai has established an enviable reputation in all aspects of the construction industry, including architectural, commercial, housing schemes and industrial buildings.
Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai has been responsible for the execution of several types of civil construction projects which have made an essential contribution to the economic expansion and development programmes for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All the Staff and Technical Personnel are well trained and experienced in the respective fields.
New workforce is very carefully selected to maintain quality and harmony. Staff that they have acquired experience through previous employment will ensure an efficient organization much more quickly than the staff lacking that common experience.
A pre-planned procurement program is conducting in conducting in weekly basis, accordingly a procurement plan is tailored for each and every project to get materials on time for project execution.
For execution of Structural Steelwork AAAS have gained and well reputed for execution expertise, combined with our high level of service and considerable experience , give us an unrivalled advantage in the field of structural steel work.
The Company has made great strides in building construction as well as commercial construction in our past 07 years of time, attributed to the dedication of our engineers and AAAS team to provide appropriate solution to the satisfaction of our clients.
Also the division handles the maintenance of various types of equipment and spare parts, which are used to locate, extract, transport minerals, oil, natural gas and water for both on shore and off shore installation.