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Electrical & Mechanical Works

Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabei Gen.Contracting Est. (Electrical / Mechanical) has complete Tools and Equipment’s and qualified office staffs, engineering staffs, supervisors, technicians and skilled/unskilled crews.
AAAS is a multi-disciplined organization offering a variety of services and wide range of activities related to the electrical & mechanical works for new & old substation/Power plants Installation , Testing and commissioning works while ensuring quality and carrying out works with standards and proper specification.
We strongly feel that Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabei Gen.Cont.Est.. Corporate culture and philosophy for doing business have contributed greatly to our success. Our commitment and customer care are the most mentioned qualities describing Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabai Gen.Cont.Est. We knew that our team have made the difference. They are hardworking and ambitious. But, more importantly, they are representative of our business approach that includes commitment, expertise, enthusiasm, pride work ethnic and Value.
Our Commitment is to keep our promise to the client is simple-expedient project completion to their complete satisfaction. We do what it takes to get the job done in every case.
We have expertise through past work and on-going projects; we maintain our edge and sharpen our skills. We are not all things to all people. We, in what we do, dedicated to being the best.
Our Enthusiasm is we are genuinely excited about work. Enthusiasm is infectious. It attracts peoples and motivates them to take action and effect change.
We take this opportunity, we pride in the quality of our services and the importance of our work. We provide our clients with their greatest asset-people. This is a tremendous responsibility, which we take very seriously.

Our work Ethic is nothing worthwhile comes easy. Finding the right individual to meet your unique requirements can be a grueling process. Our objective is to give you a choice by comparison.
As a result of our efforts, our clients clearly receive the benefits of saving time and money while accomplishing their objectives through quality service and timely results.
• Power Transformer.
• Station service transformer.
• Gantry installation works
• Capacitor bank Installation.
• EHV/HV GIS installation.
• MV Switchgear installation.
• Cable tray Installation.
• HV/MV/LV cabling and termination works.
• Earthing and Grounding of electrical equipment.
• AC/DC system.
• Battery charger and Battery Bank.
• Protection and Control panel installation.
• Testing Commissioning Protection & Control systems
• Testing Commissioning of Power Transformer.
• Testing Commissioning of EHV/HV/MV Switchgears.
• Testing Commissioning of Battery Chargers / Banks.