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Retrofitting Works

Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabei Gen.Contracting Est. (Retrofitting Works) has major experience in retrofitting projects completing multiple successfully keeping in view customer satisfaction. Achieving goals in synchronization to customer requirement.
Retrofitting Works division has the diversified approach and quantitative technical skills which enabled our team to achieve completion of multiple projects with wide range of practical experience in versatile dimension. It is the objective of to sustain high quality work according to Industry standards and to maintain a competent technical staff to provide construction maintenance and support Industries to the Petroleum and oil Industries, Refineries and associated plants. In achieving this objective, it is our policy to satisfy the requirements of our clients by completing work in conference with specified requirements, to fully understand on work processes and continuously work to eliminate wasted time, resources and costs.
Since and functional managers are required to maintain Instruction and procedures to ensure that work for which they are responsible, meets the required standards. These instructions reflect the manner in which our business is to be managed and to implement the requirements of Quality systems. Instructions will include appropriate delegation of authority to staff responsible for achievement and control quality.
Gulf personnel shall perform their duties in accordance with these company requirements with integrity, safety, quality and due regards to environmental requirements.
The General Manager shall control issuance and distribution of the work and subsequent revisions, subject to the High Comment’s approval of content. The responsibility for compliance with its provisions lies with all line and functional managers.
• General Maintenance.
• Replacement of existing Prot and Cont panel.
• Dismantling of Power Transformers.
• Switchgear Modification works.
• Replacement of AC/DC Systems.
• House & Building wiring and design.
• Replacements of RMU.