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Support Services

Ali Abdu Ahmed Sabei Gen.Contracting Est. (Support Services) is mutli-skilled organization providing extensive support service extending from general maintenance to office supplies varying to transporting services of heavy equipment
Support Services has offering variety of services and wide range of activities related to Manpower Supply, Heavy Equipment Rental, Provision of skips for garbage disposal., Sewage water collection and disposal, Supply of Non-portable water, Supply of Sweet water, Supply of portable of lavatories, Stationary and Office Supplies, Consumable kitchen utensils and accessories, Transportation Services, Material Handling and Stacking holding all necessary Plant Tools and equipment’s with well qualified Staffs and skilled workers to complete the challenging jobs on time and maintaining the quality. Best quality is our first priority and customer satisfaction is our Best profit.
It is the objective of to sustain high quality work according to Industry standards and to maintain a competent technical staff to provide construction maintenance and support Industries to the Petroleum and oil Industries, Refineries and associated plants. In achieving this objective, it is our policy to satisfy the requirements of our clients by completing work in conference with specified requirements, to fully understand

Handling Dismantling, Demolition, Storage, Packaging and Delivery
Documented procedures shall be established and maintained for handling, dismantling work, demolition, storage, packaging and delivery of All Machinery items as well as sensitive equipment’s preserving of delivery of product. The methods of handling that prevent damage or deterioration to product shall be provided. Designated storage areas or stock rooms to prevent damage or deterioration of product p[ending use or delivery shall be use. Appropriate methods or authorized receipt to and dispatch from such areas shall be stipulated. To detect deterioration, the condition of product in stock shall be assessed at appropriate intervals. Packing, Packaging and marking processes (including materials used) shall be controlled to the extent necessary to ensure conformance to specified requirements. Appropriate methods for preservation and segregation of product shall be applied. Gulf shall arrange for the protection of quality of product after final inspection and test. Where contractually specified, this protection shall be extended to include delivery to destination.
• Manpower Supply.
• Heavy Equipment Rental.
• Provision of skips for garbage disposal.
• Sewage water collection and disposal.
• Supply of Non-portable water.
• Supply of Sweet water.
• Supply of portable of lavatories.
• Stationary and Office Supplies.
• Consumable kitchen utensils and accessories.
• Transportation Services.
• Material Handling and Stacking.